How to choose the effective eyelash serum?

What should you know and what can you expect before purchasing a product destined for eyelash care?


Effective eyelash serum is a product that produces desired outcomes. For that reason, it is crucial to choose the cosmetic accordingly to one's expectations and needs. Usually, the first results of effective eyelash serum's working can be observed after two weeks of regular application.

The final results should be ease to notice after a month of systematic use. What is more, the effects obtained have to last long even when the treatment is over. Some producers advise to put on their product several times per week when the looked-for effects are obtained. Furthermore, the outcomes produced depend on the user.

They will be generated much faster if the product is applied systematically. Even a single lack of application may result in delaying the desired results in a form of longer, thicker and healthier eyelashes from being produced.


Ingredients used for production of an eyelash serum are extremely crucial. The less the better. In other words, the less ingredients used, the better for skin and eyes (the possibility of irritations of allergic reactions development is decreased).

On the other hand, the ingredients should be selected in such a way to affect both eyelashes and eyelids in a positive way. Therefore, substances used for an eyelash serum's composition have moisturizing, regenerating and easing features. Obviously, the most important are the substances which stimulate eyelashes to grow.

Equally important are the ingredients that are able to darken colour of eyelashes, regenerate and strengthen them. What is more, substances responsible for keeping the product safe to use also must be included into a composition of an eyelash serum.


The way an eyelash serum is applied affects the outcome it is expected to produce. For that reason, manner of application has to be easy enough even for people who happen to use such a product for the first time. In most cases, the applicator provided has a form of a small and thin brush.

With the aid of it, one has to draw a thin line along eyelash root line. What is more, the brush is designed in such a way to supply nourishing substances directly into follicles and eyelash roots. There are also eyelash serums that have a mascara-like wand and, as it is not surprising, application looks alike coating eyelashes with a mascara.

It is worth pointing out though, that such products take care of the outer structure of eyelashes, without affecting the inner structure. For that reason, such applicators may be used also for setting eyebrows.


Certainly, while picking an eyelash serum, we want it to be safe. What does it mean? A safe eyelash serum is a product that does not cause any irritations or allergic reactions while their ingredients take a good care of both eyelashes and the skin around eyes. Safety does not end at selecting a product.

One has to be also careful while applying an eyelash serum. It must be remembered that it is advised against putting a brush near an eyeball. What is more, pregnant women and breastfeeding ones as well as underage should not use any eyelash serum. Last but not least, the product must not be used when the best-before date has expired.



Nanolash eyelash serum is recommended for all women who have got short, weak and thin eyelashes. It can be used successfully by men and all the people who would like to have longer, denser, healthier, and prettier eyelashes. What is … More details

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Lashcode Eyelash Serum is a good pick for anyone dreaming of long and full-looking eyelashes. It is designed for daily use on short, thin, brittle lash hair. This serum enhances growth because it’s packed with ingredients that are essential to … More details

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Realash eyelash serum is recommended for people who have got short and weak eyelashes. During the treatment, the product is expected to extend and regenerate eyelashes. Fast application of Realash eyelash serum facilitates quick absorption of the product. This in … More details

Reader's Review: Unfortunately, I didn’t notice any dramatic difference that would affect length of my eyelashes. They became only a few mm extended though. I can recommend the product to all the people who have got damaged eyelashes.

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Lash Pro 7

Lash Pro 7 eyelash serum is recommended to all the people having short ans weak eyelashes. The product goes with a thin brush, contains substances stimulating eyelash growth and takes care of skin around eyes. A single package stores 5 … More details

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M2 Lashes

M2 Lashes is an eyelash serum, which is recommended to people having short, thin and weak eyelashes. Its aims are eyelash extension, density improvement, nourishment and moisturization. What is more, M2 Lashes eyelash serum is equipped with a thin brush, … More details

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X-Lash is an eyelash serum which is recommended to people with short, bright and weak eyelashes. One bottle stores 3 ml of the product, which last around five months. When it comes to application, it is easy since it reminds … More details

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FEG eyelash serum is recommended for women who would like to have stronger and longer eyelashes. It goes with a small brush, which facilitates fast application. Moreover, the product contains natural ingredients, which improve eyelash condition and eliminate possible irritations. … More details

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Eyelashes are a kind of a natural eye frame. They differ depending on sex. In general women have longer and more curly eyelashes then men have.

They, in turn, have rather shorter and sparse eyelashes. Furthermore, upper eyelids hold from 150 up to 250 eyelashes whereas lower eyelids have 50 up to 150 eyelashes. The average lifespan of an eyelash equals 125 days. It is also worth mentioning that eyelashes fulfill several crucial functions for a human organism. Firstly, they work as a beautifying element of a face. Secondly, they carry protecting features. They work as a kind of a shield against dust, water, and even against small insects trying to get into the eyes.

If we would like our eyelashes to fulfill their missions in the best possible way, we have to take care of them appropriately. To illustrate, it is not suggested rubbing the eyelashes because it may damage their structure. Special attention should be also payed to the colour cosmetics, they have to came from trusted source, which makes them safer to use. What is more, cosmetics facilitating growth and improving condition of eyelashes are used also for eyelash care. Such products are known as eyelash serums. While choosing this kind of products, one has to focus on the properties and manner of application that the eyelash serum provides and time that has to be devoted to obtain desired outcomes.

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* Below we present the results of the tests (on the basis of the above mentioned guidelines) that were conducted by our readers. Their task was to examine several eyelash serums and share their experience and opinions with us. Each of the participants got a product destined for eyelash care. Time devoted to the tests was equivalent to the duration of the treatment that lasts at least five months. The description of each eyelash serum contains the following information: effects, composition, application, safety, duration of the treatment, and contraindications. All the conclusions drawn and reported by our readers were used for creating the following ranking.

Eyelash extension and thickening - other methods.

1:1 Method and Volume Eyelash Extensions.

1:1 Method is one of the most popular techniques of extending and improving density of eyelashes. How does the procedure look like? A beautician separates lower eyelashes from upper ones, and then separates eyelashes, one form the other. Then, she is able to attach one false eyelash to one natural eyelash. In order to do it, she uses small tweezers and a special cosmetic adhesive of black colour.

When it comes to volume eyelash extensions, also known as 2:1, 3:1 or 2D and 3D, they consist in attaching several false eyelashes to one natural. The procedure looks similarly to eyelash extension technique. Both eyelash extension and volume eyelash extensions require use of Siberian mink fur, silk or synthetic materials, and obviously, a cosmetic adhesive. One treatment lasts approximately three hours, whereas an in-fill session lasts around an hour. Naturally, there is no fixed price for this kind of a beautifying treatment, however, it varies from £50 up to £90. It is also worth pointing out, eyelash extension and volume eyelash extension do not provide permanent effects. It takes around a month for a natural eyelash to fall out and since false eyelashes are attached to it, they fall out too. This effect is easy to foresee. Obviously, if one does not take care of false eyelashes, they can become damaged as well.


Another method of making eyelashes longer and thicker is application of a mascara. Nowadays, market is full of various mascaras that differ in terms of properties and shape of a brush. Lengthening, thickening and curling - these are the most popular mascaras. There are also brushes that focus on precise eyelash separation, coat only tips of eyelashes or are designed to coat only the tinniest eyelashes located in the corners of eyes. Some mascaras goes with long and slender brushes or small ones, which are covered with either widely or closely arranged bristle.

It is worth being aware of the fact, that a mascara provides only temporary effects. In other words, it does not improve condition of eyelashes and the appearance of eyelashes (short and thin) stays the same under the coat of the product. Certainly, once make-up is removed the effect of thicker and longer eyelashes disappears. What is more, improper application of a mascara can result in ruining whole eye make-up.

Plant Oils and Castor Oil.

Application of any kinds of oils is one of the methods for extending and improving density of eyelashes. The most popular is castor oil that is available at a pharmacy's. Thanks to it, eyelashes are expected to become stronger, regenerated and moisturized. Application should be conducted every evening. Moreover, one has to be careful enough to prevent the castor oil from getting inside eyes because it may cause irritations. In extreme cases, it may lead to eyelash falling out.

If one wants to have longer and denser eyelashes, it is also advisable to apply plant oils. The most popular ones are: grape seed oil, coconut oil, burdock oil, and argan oil. It is also worth remembering that natural substances (such as oils) work rather slow, and one has to wait long to obtain the effects the oil treatment produces.

Eyelash curler, eyelash perm and semi-permanent mascara.

Other methods for making eyelashes longer and thicker are provided by an eyelash curler and use of both eyelash perm and a semi-permanent mascara. An eyelash curler makes eyelashes curl. In facet, eyelash perm produces similar effect yet it holds only for around three weeks. When it comes to a semi-permanent mascara treatment, it depends on coating eyelashes with a kind of a waterproof mascara. Obviously, each of the techniques has its own pluses and minuses.

Eyelashes curled with the use of an eyelash curler create an illusion of eyes being bigger. However, an eyelash curler can weaken eyelashes or even damage them. Thanks to eyelash perm, one does not have to set eyelashes since they stay almost untouched for three weeks. In a case of a semi-permanent mascara, the outcome is also temporary and there are also some contraindications connected with the treatment (eye and skin around diseases).