M2 Lashes

M2 Lashes is an eyelash serum, which is recommended to people having short, thin and weak eyelashes. Its aims are eyelash extension, density improvement, nourishment and moisturization. What is more, M2 Lashes eyelash serum is equipped with a thin brush, due to which, the application is easy and fast. The product contains natural substances, which take care of eyelashes and skin around eyes.

Tamika Bailey from Ripon: I bought M2 Lashes eyelash serum because I’d found its package and manner of application interesting. I expected the serum to work better and faster, but still, I’m glad that it moisturizes and makes eyelashes stronger.

67 out of 100 women agree that the eyelash serum takes care and makes eyelashes prettier and stronger within five months of a treatment.

EFFECTS: The first effects of M2 Lashes use are produced after more or less three weeks since the beginning of the treatment. The ultimate result is generated on the day of the last application, so after around six months – and this is the period of time the cosmetic lasts. Thanks to M2 Lashes eyelash serum, eyelashes become stronger, prettier and moisturized. Their length and thickness change but at the end of the treatment. The final outcomes of the treatment last around a month.

COMPOSITION: M2 Lashes contains a few natural substances. Some of them are hyaluronic acid, biotin as well as ingredients stimulating eyelash growth. In general, the eyelash serum should not cause irritations. People allergic to any of the ingredients of M2 Lashes’ composition are advised to contact a physician or when the irritations develop, it is suggested breaking the treatment or resigning from applying the product for good.

APPLICATION: Each and every single application of M2 Lashes has to be proceeded with precise make-up removal. A brush is used for putting on the product. With the use of it, one has to draw a thin line on upper and lower eyelash base.

What is more, M2 Lashes eyelash serum is absorbed fast, neither runs down into eyes nor leaves stains on eyelashes.

SAFETY: M2 Lashes eyelash serum is not recommended to people who are allergic to any of the ingredients included into the composition. The eyelash serum is contraindicated in pregnancy, breastfeeding period, being underage, being prone to allergic reactions, serious eye and eyelid skin disorders. It is crucial to do not insert the brush into eyes.

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