Lashcode Eyelash Serum is a good pick for anyone dreaming of long and full-looking eyelashes. It is designed for daily use on short, thin, brittle lash hair. This serum enhances growth because it’s packed with ingredients that are essential to lashes. What does Lashcode do exactly and what effects we can expect to achieve?

EFFECTS: The results don’t take long to appear because you can spot them after more or less 2 weeks: lashes are stronger, darker and more elastic, plus they get a shine boost. Next weeks of treatment gradually thicken the lashes and make them grow faster than usual. This is possible because Lashcode firstly focuses on repairing damage and strengthening the hair follicles, making the lashes grow faster as a result. The ultimate effect is lovely, full, thick and bold lashes that enhance the eyes beautifully.

This is the first step towards lovely lashes. The Lashcode Mascara is the next step to take.

COMPOSITION: The formula is packed with plant extracts such as Baicalein (skullcap root), wheat and soy germs extracts, and enriched with arginine, peptide complex and substances which speed up growth and are typical of lash enhancers. Lashcode formula is inspired by nature so the components are really good.

APPLICATION: Lashcode Serum must be applied every day before bedtime. You just need to clear the face of make-up and apply a small amount of the serum on the upper and lower lash line. A precise, thin brush is made for this purpose.

SAFETY: As far as the safety goes, there are a few things that make Lashcode Serum fully safe. Above all else, it is made up of finest natural ingredients and an applicator that precisely transfers the liquid on the eyelid skin so you don’t need to worry about the serum running down and irritating the eyes. The reviewers see eye to eye and recommend Lashcode and so do the beauty professionals, underlining its effectiveness.

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