X-Lash is an eyelash serum which is recommended to people with short, bright and weak eyelashes. One bottle stores 3 ml of the product, which last around five months. When it comes to application, it is easy since it reminds putting on an eyeliner. Composition of X-Lash is created in such a way to make it take care of both eyelashes and skin around eyes.

Krystal Fledger from Preston: I bought X-Lash eyelash serum tempted by the natural composition. Unfortunately, all I’ve gained are moisturized and strengthened eyelashes. I didn’t notice my lashes being longer significantly.

43 out of 100 women noticed regeneration, moisturization and straightening of their eyelashes after a three-month treatment.

EFFECTS: The first results of X-Lash eyelash serum treatment become visible after around a month of use. The ultimate effects are noticeable at the end of the treatment, so after five months. In general, eyelashes become prettier, moisturized, shiny and curled. After that, eyelash extension and density improvement appear. The complete outcome lasts several weeks since the last dosage of X-Lash eyelash serum has been applied.

COMPOSITION: X-Lash eyelash serum contains natural substances like, for example, plant extracts. They influence both condition of follicles as they affect eyelashes. What is more, they are able to nourish, take care and smooth eyelash structure and skin around eyes.

APPLICATION: How does application of X-Lash eyelash serum look like? Before putting on the product one has to wash hands and face as well as remove make-up. The residues of make-up may block the access of nourishing substances reaching eyelash roots. The product is applied with the use of a brush. A thin line should be drawn along the upper eyelash base.

While sleeping, X-Lash eyelash serum makes its way to reach lower eyelashes, making them nourished the same way the upper eyelashes have been taken care of.

SAFETY: X-Lash eyelash serum is safe because it contains natural substances. However, it may cause irritations especially if one is allergic to some of the ingredients. It is forbidden to put the brush inside eyes. It is also advised to be careful and mindful not to let the cosmetic run down into eyes. The contraindications connected with application of X-Lash are: being less than 18, pregnancy, breastfeeding, skin allergies, and eye diseases.

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