Nanolash eyelash serum is recommended for all women who have got short, weak and thin eyelashes. It can be used successfully by men and all the people who would like to have longer, denser, healthier, and prettier eyelashes. What is more, Nanolash eyelash eyelash serum is efficient enough to make eyelashes longer just after two weeks. The treatment is simplified by easy manner of application, presence of active substances and ingredients safe for both eyes and eyelid skin.

Katy Swift from London: I’m surprised that Nanolash works so fast. Thanks to the eyelash serum, my eyelashes are now longer and stronger, and my eyelids are full of baby eyelashes. I totally recommend Nanolash!

95 out of 100 women noticed longer, thicker and stronger eyelashes as well as significant condition improvement of eyelashes within two weeks of the eyelash serum application.

eyelash serum - NanolashEFFECTS: The first effects are noticeable just after fourteen days. The final results are produced within a month. In order to support the obtained results, the product has to be applied for another six months. Furthermore, Nanolash eyelash serum stimulates follicles and this influences length, thickness and volume of eyelashes. During the treatment eyelashes are becoming stronger, healthier and prettier. The structure of eyelashes is smoothed while they become less prone to damages of falling out. Thanks to Nanolash, both eyelashes and eyelid skin are moisturized.

COMPOSITION: Nanolash eyelash serum contains only safe ingredients of the highest quality. They were selected in such a way to take care of eyelashes, eyelid skin and eyes as to stimulate growth and thickness of eyelashes. Furthermore, the product does not cause irritations or allergic reactions, it can be applied by contact lenses wearers (they have to be taken off before putting on the eyelash serum) and those who have sensitive eyelid skin.

APPLICATION: Manner of Nanolash application is extremely easy. The product has to be distributed using a brush provided, on upper and lower eyelash root line. Just small amount of the product is enough to extend and improve condition of eyelashes. What is more, Nanolash eyelash serum is fast to get absorbed, neither leaves stains nor clumps eyelashes together. What is more, it does not run down into eyes, therefore, it does not cause irritations. The product has to be reapplied everyday, at bedtime, only on cleansed and dry eyelid skin.

When the desired results are obtained, it is advised to apply Nanolash every few days.

SAFETY: Nanolash eyelash serum is a safe product, which is proven by the manner of application and the composition. The precise brush makes it impossible for the product to reach eyeballs. The ingredients were selected to, on one hand, stimulate growth and volume of eyelashes, and on the other, to take care of skin around eyes and eyelashes. The ingredients do not cause irritations either. Last thing to mention, Nanolash eyelash serum preserves its properties for 12 months since opened.

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