FEG eyelash serum is recommended for women who would like to have stronger and longer eyelashes. It goes with a small brush, which facilitates fast application. Moreover, the product contains natural ingredients, which improve eyelash condition and eliminate possible irritations. The effects are produced after around a month.

Kara Evans from Stoke-on-Trent: I was using FEG for four months. My lashes became prettier and more nourished. I guess, this is due to the ingredients. I can recommend this product to all the people who would like to have prettier and healthier lashes.

38 out of 100 women confirmed that their eyelashes became prettier, stronger and more nourished after using the eyelash serum for five months.

EFFECTS: The first effects are noticeable after three weeks of systematic use of FEG eyelash serum. Eyelashes become stronger, moisturized and shiny, they are slightly curled and regenerated. After a five-month treatment one can observe the ultimate results in a form of longer eyelashes. To make the outcomes hold longer it is suggested using FEG eyelash serum for another month, every two or three days.

COMPOSITION: FEG eyelash serum contains a few natural substances. And these are, among others, vitamins, cucumber and pumpkin seed extract as well as green tea. All the mentioned ingredients take care of both eyelashes and eyelids equally. Due to the eyelash serum, eyelashes are strong and resistant to damages while eyelids are moisturized and smooth. Moreover, FEG eyelash serum is not expected to cause allergic reactions. However, allergic sufferers may be exposed to irritations especially at the beginning of the treatment.

APPLICATION: FEG eyelash serum has dense consistency which makes the application easier. On the other hand, the product can clump eyelashes together or stain them. The cosmetic has to be applied using a brush on cleansed and dry upper and lower eyelids.

One stroke of the applicator is enough to supply follicles and eyelash roots with nourishing substances.

SAFETY: FEG eyelash serum can cause irritations to a person who is allergic to any of the ingredients. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a physician or conduct an allergy test before undergoing FEG treatment. It has to be point out, that one can encounter a counterfeits of FEG eyelash serum, especially on the Internet. Certainly, such low quality products, imitating the original one, may lead to irritations and other discomforts.

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