Lash Pro 7

Lash Pro 7 eyelash serum is recommended to all the people having short ans weak eyelashes. The product goes with a thin brush, contains substances stimulating eyelash growth and takes care of skin around eyes. A single package stores 5 ml of the product.

Kelia Henderson from Newport: Application of Lash Pro 7 is easy which makes me content with the product. Although the product moisturized and strengthened my eyelashes, they are not as long as I would like them to be.

58 out of 100 women noticed improvement of eyelash condition and moisturization level during the five-month treatment.

EFFECTS: The first results of Lash Pro 7 treatment are noticeable after more or less a month. The ultimate result can be observed the moment the treatment is over, so after approximately six months. Thanks to Lash Pro 7 eyelash serum, eyelashes become prettier, moisturized, stronger and regenerated. What is more, they are also resistant to damages and falling out. Eyelash extension and density improvement are almost minimal and can be observed when the treatment is over.

COMPOSITION: Lash Pro 7 eyelash serum contains such ingredients that affect both eyelashes and eyelids. The substances influencing eyelashes facilitate eyelash growth and thickness, whereas the substances working on eyelids make them moisturized and highlighted. What is more, the product contains ingredients that provide long period of use.

APPLICATION: Lash Pro 7 eyelash serum has to be applied with the use of a small brush. It facilitates drawing a line on upper and lower eyelash base. The product is absorbed fast, neither runs down into eyes nor leaves stains. Lash Pro 7 eyelash serum should be applied every evening, at bedtime, until looked-for effects are produced.

After that, one can put on the serum every few days.

SAFETY: Lash Pro 7 eyelash serum does not cause any irritations while applied properly. For that reason, one must not put the applicator close to eyes and use the product when the best-before date has expired. Moreover, the treatment cannot be undergone by pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as by underage.

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